Explore Michigan’s national parks

The Great Lake State offers thousands of acres of parkland for its residents and visitors to explore. Michigan is home to five national parks. Ranging from historical parks to lakeshore, the parks provide a variety of adventures to take part in. With over two million visitors each year, these national treasures draw tourists near and far.

Michigan’s national parks are located all across the state. From the north on Lake Superior’s shore to the south Lake Erie’s, the parks offer an opportunity to hike, camp and explore.

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Visitors can explore both large and small parks. The islands of Isle Royale offer its visitors thousands of acres filled with forests, trails and waterways. The quaint park of River Raisin covers just over 80 acres of land occupied by biking trails, historical demonstrations and exhibits.

Data taken from National Park Service.

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Michigan is home to a national park dating back to 1940. Since then, the state has gained four more national parks, with the most recent park established in 2010.

Data taken from National Park Service.

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